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Motorola ® Symbol ® Reset – Boot

Motorola Symbol Reset - Warm & Cold Boot Sequences

When all else fails… Warm Boot & Cold Boot Sequences for Motorola Mobile Computers, Barcode Scanners, Wearable Computers, Kiosk and Tablet / Vehicle-Mounted Computers.

Warm Boot - Soft Reset

Also known as a soft reset, restarts the mobile computer by closing all running programs. All data that is not saved to flash memory is lost.
However, the date, time, region and some other settings should remain intact.

Cold Boot - Hard Reset

A cold boot will restart the mobile computer and erases all user stored records and entries. Typically a cold boot is the same as turning on a mobile computer for the first time.

The date, time, region and all other settings will have to be re-entered. The first thing that appears for the user to do is set the screen calibration.
Applications such as DataWedge or AppCenter that have been installed correctly will survive a cold boot.