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Wearable Computer

Replacement parts, accessories and repair parts for Zebra ® Motorola ® Symbol ® wearable computers


Lead Time
Lead Time
PZWT6000P1OEM NEWTouch screen Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$42$39$34.5$3020 days5 days
PZWT6000POEM NEWLCD with Touch screen Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$112$104$92$8020 days5 days
PZWT41P2-TFT2MC2100 LCDOEM NEWLCD Module (TFT2P0855-E) Replacement for Motorola Symbol Wearable Computer$42$39$34.5$307 days5 days
PZWT40P1OEM NEWTouch Screen Replacement for Symbol Wearable Computer$11.2$10.4$9.2$820 days5 days
PZRS419T1RS419 Scanner engineUSEDScanner Engine(20-70965-402) For Zebra Motorola Symbol RS4000 RS419$80$74.29$65.71$57.14Contact us5 days
PZRS409K1Scan CoverNO-OEM NEWScan Cover Replacement for Motorola Symbol Wearable Computer$8$7.43$6.57$5.717 days5 days
PZRS5000-LCFSWRRing Barcode ScannerOEM NEWNon-OEM RS5000-LCFSWR Ring Barcode Scanner for WT6000$210$195$172.5$15015 days5 days
PZRS5000-LCBSWRRing Barcode ScannerOEM NEWNon-OEM RS5000-LCBSWR Ring Barcode Scanner for WT41N0$210$195$172.5$15015 days5 days
PZRS409T1Scan EngineUSEDBarcode Scan Engine with PCB Replacement for Symbol RS409$42$39$34.5$30Contact us5 days
PZRS409A2RS409 TriggerNO-OEM NEWNO-OEM Scan Trigger with Plastic Replacement for Symbol Wearable Computer$15$13.93$12.32$10.7115 days5 days
PZWT41K2Symbol WT41N0 Back CoverNO-OEM NEWBack Cover Replacement for Symbol WT41N0,NO-OEM NEW$25.5$21$17.25$1515 days5 days
PZWT40P2OEM NEWLCD Display Replacement for Symbol Wearable Computer (Hitachi)$42$39$34.5$307 days5 days
PZRS4000RS4000 Finger ScannerOEM NEWZebra Motorola Symbol RS4000 Finger Scanner RS4000-HPCSWR 1D CORDED RING SCANNER$140$130$115$10015 days5 days
PZWT41K2-AllWT41N0 Back CoverNO-OEM NEWBack Cover(with Battery Connector, Side & cradle connectors) for Symbol WT41N0,NO-OEM NEW$40$37.14$32.86$28.5715 days5 days
PZRS50K1NO-OEM NEWScan Cover Replacement for zebra RS5000$21$19.5$17.25$157 days5 days
PZRS50PX2-SE4710OEM NEWScanner Engine Flex Cable ( for SE4710 ) Replacement for zebra RS5000$7$6.5$5.75$57 days5 days
PZWT41N0K1WT41N0 Front CoverNO-OEM NEWFront Cover (with Power button) for Motorola Symbol WT41N0 NEW non-OEM$28$26$23$2010 days5 days
PZWT60PKZEBRA WT6000 LCDOEM NEWLCD & Touch screen with Front Cover Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$120$111.43$98.57$85.7120 days5 days
PZWT60K1NO-OEM NEWFront Cover Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$34$31.57$27.93$24.297 days5 days
PZWT60K2NO-OEM NEWBack Cover Replacement for Zebra WT6000 WT60A0$56$52$46$407 days5 days
PZWT6000D3NEWMyler Keyswitch Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$42.5$35$28.75$2510 days5 days
PZWT60A4OEM NEWKeypad Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$28$26$23$2010 days5 days
PZWT6000PX8NEWPower LED flex Cable Replacement forZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$42.5$35$28.75$2515 days5 days
PZWT60L1OEM NEWSide Connector Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$42$39$34.5$3015 days5 days
PZWT60L4OEM NEWBattery Connector with Flex Cable Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$28$26$23$2015 days5 days
PZWT6000D7NEWAntenna Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$34$28$23$2015 days5 days
PZWT60H1OEM NEWWrist Mount Strap for Zebra WT6000$42$39$34.5$3020 days5 days
PZWT60C4ZEBRA WT6000 Battery CradleOEM NEW4 Slot Battery Cradle with power supply for zebra wt6000 rs6000$80$74.29$65.71$57.1425 days5 days
PZWT60Y1NEWSPEAKER Replacement for ZEBRA WT6000 WT60A0$7$6.5$5.75$515 days5 days
PZWT40K1NO-OEM NEWFront Cover (with Power button, overlay, lens) Replacement for Symbol Wearable Computer$28$26$23$2010 days5 days