How to do shopping?

1.Browse the products you want to purchase, enter the quantity to purchase, click the button to add to the cart.

2.Browse the products you want to purchase, click “Add to cart”, the products will be automatically added to the cart;You can add one or more.

3.If you need to browse the details of the product, click the product, you can also enter the purchase quantity in the details page to place an order directly or add to the shopping cart to place an order; (As shown below)

4.Click Checkout to place the order

5.Fill in the details of consignee information, payment method, distribution method, whether the true declaration, check the list of delivery and other information; (As shown below)

  1. Fill in personal Information
  2. The logistics mode can be formulated according to your personal needs
  3. Whether customs declaration is required. If you need to declare at customs, 50 dollars will be added, you do not need to leave the check box.
  4. You can choose from a variety of payment methods
  5. Click Create PI & Mail to me and PI information will be automatically generated and sent to your email address

PI template

6.After confirmation, click “PlaceOrder” to generate a new order and display the order number

7.View order details: enter “My Account” → “Order Center”