How to exchange goods?

The following is a demonstration of the front desk customer to submit a refund operation.

  • 1.Operable state
    • If the order status is [Processing,on hold,completed], the order can be returned and refunded.
  •  2.Enter the exchange page
    • Click the EXCHANGE button to operate
  • 3.Select exchange products and quantity
    • (1) Check the product you want to return
    • (2) Enter the quantity to be returned
  • 4.Choose the product to switch back toFind the product you need to change back (you can search directly to find the corresponding product), you can add more.Click View Order to return to the replacement order
  •  5.Confirm replacement products and fees to be paid
  • 6.Fill out the refund form and submit it
  • 7.The administrator confirms the return information in the background order
  • 8.Pass the return request and generate a new order
    • (1) Backstage
    • (2) The front end
  • 9.The user pays for the orderManage according to normal order