How to get a refund?

The following is a demonstration of the front desk customer to submit a refund operation

  • Operable state
    • If the order status is [Processing,on hold,completed], the order can be returned and refunded.
  • Enter the refund page
    • Click the button refund to operate
  • Select refund products and quantity
    1. Check the product you want to return
    2. Enter the quantity to be returned
  • Fill out the refund form and submit itAfter successful submission, the order status changes to [Refund Requested].
  •  The administrator confirms the return information in the background order
  • Through a return request
    • Customers can receive it by mail
  • Refund to customer’s original payment method
    • 1.For online payment orders such as paypal, the payment can be directly refunded to the original payment method.
    • 2.The demonstration adopts the offline payment operation mode, which is shown as manual refund, i.e. refund to the customer by the company’s financial department. We will communicate account information with you through order message or other means.
  • Foreground display
  • The refund detail